Embark on a journey of artistic growth with our painting class designed for adults of all skill levels. Explore a variety of mediums, techniques, and styles as you progress from foundational skills to personal expression and beyond.

In this course:
      • gain technical skills
      • improve observational skills
      • learn about art history and art worlds
      • elevate creativity
      • get feedback
      • partake in discussions

Term 1: Foundations of Painting

  • Learn the basics of painting materials, color theory, and composition
  • Practice fundamental brushwork and blending techniques
  • Create still life and landscape paintings to develop observation skills

Term 2: Exploring Style and Technique

  • Experiment with different painting styles, from realism to abstraction
  • Deepen your understanding of color mixing and brush techniques
  • Explore personal expression through guided projects

Term 3: Specialised Techniques and Themes

  • Dive into advanced techniques like impasto and glazing
  • Explore particularities of various art movements
  • Experiment with mixed media and unconventional tools

Term 4: Mastering the Medium

  • Focus on individual projects and portfolio development
  • Refine your chosen techniques and personal style
  • Prepare for exhibitions or personal projects

Each term consists of weekly classes with opportunities for feedback and group discussion.

Who is this course for?

This course is suitable for adults of all levels of experience.


What to bring:

      • Painting surfaces
      • Acrylic, oil, or watercolor paints
      • Brushes and palette knives
      • Drawing tools
      • Easel and studio equipment
      • Reference materials

Feel free to bring any other media that you would like to work with. For any further information contact us at

(Unless stated otherwise, fees for adults classes exclude materials)