(underway) class: painting term 2


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This course will take place at:

Mathers House, Lower Level, 108-110 Bathurst St, Hobart 7000
Mondays 6:30 – 8:30pm 26th April – 28th June (10 weeks).

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This class runs with the dates of the school term, bookings are per term.

Painting term classes are a great way to enjoy yourself and learn new things. Join us, as we explore the possibilities of the medium of painting. Get to know, the elements of art, as well as various painting techniques and styles, and incorporate them in your own art practice! There will be weekly mini-workshops, discussing different artists’ ideas and methods, trying out different techniques, and experimenting with your chosen painting media. Classes will include exercises to help understand painting processes and possibilities, and construct your own effective and engaging artworks.

In this course:

  • Explore beautiful, expressive and mark making.
  • Experiment with various methods and possibilities for the application and manipulation of paint.
  • Study tonal painting, light and shadow, and value relationships.
  • Learn about colour mixing, colour relationships and optical effects.
  • Play with layering, textures, and illusions of space, as well as the space of the painting itself.
  • Get to know different artists, discuss their ideas and the way in which they have used paint.


Our classes are small, and there is plenty of opportunity for one on one time with the tutor and personal input. Students may follow the set exercises from the course each week. You are also invited to bring your own artworks, to incorporate the exercises directly; with the opportunity for critique/discussion. Painting classes are open to all painting media including pastels.


Who is this course for?

This course is suitable for students of all levels of experience.


Students are required to bring the following materials:

  • paints/pastels (watercolour, gauche, oil or acrylic – all welcome)

– warm blue (eg. ultramarine)

– cool blue (eg. viridian, pthalo)

– warm red (eg. vermillion)

– cool red (eg. alizarin)

– warm yellow (eg. yellow deep)

– cool yellow (eg. lemon yellow)

– white (eg. titanium, zinc) – excludes watercolour

  • canvas, pastel or watercolour paper (A3 is a good size – you can always cut it down)
  • brushes (we will have a range of brushes available, but you may have your own preferences)
  • water pot (a glass jar with a lid works well, especially for oil painting – odourless solvents ONLY please)
  • palette (disposable paper palettes are very convenient for oil/acrylic painting)
  • rags (ripped sheets make great rags!)

We will provide some materials and tools available for students to use.

Feel free to bring any other media that you would like to work with. For any further information contact Yilian at start@artfromscrat.ch or call 0420429774.


(Unless stated otherwise, fees for adults classes exclude materials)


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