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This course will take place at:

Mathers House, Lower Level, 108-110 Bathurst St, Hobart 7000
Saturday 30th January, 6th and 13th February 1:30-4:30pm

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Portraiture is a three part series of workshops including beginner, intermediate and advanced. In this workshop we will explore techniques for portraiture from basic structure drawing through to tonal painting and finally colour painting.

Portraiture is a wonderful and intimate form of expression. Join us, as we help get you started by breaking down the process into bite-size morsels. During these workshops, students will develop an understanding of structure, form, tone and colour for portraiture, and how to represent them through drawing and painting, including two sessions with a life model.


In this course we will:

  • learn how to see and simplify structure, form, tone and colour
  • study basic anatomy for portraiture
  • observe demonstrations of portrait painting
  • apply your skills through painting a model from life

Who is this course for?

This course is suitable for any students who have interested in portraiture.

All materials will be provided

Feel free to bring any of your own materials that you would like to use. We will be providing paper, pencils, erasers, acrylic paint, brushes, rags, water pots.  For any further information contact Yilian at


(Unless stated otherwise, fees for adults classes exclude materials)


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