Art of the Human Body Workshops for Adults


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Step into the fascinating world of the human body with our Art of the Human Body classes. Explore how we see ourselves and others through anatomy, emotion, and expressions. Whether you’re new to art or a pro, our classes blend creativity with understanding. Learn about proportions, movement, and the stories our bodies tell. Join us for technical tips, studying anatomy, fortnightly life drawing, and more.

In these workshops:
      • learn to structure complex forms through simplified shapes
      • improve observational skills
      • create dynamic lively figure drawings
      • study human anatomy for art
      • learn about light and shadow, and how it creates form
      • explore beautiful, expressive mark-making
      • apply your skills through studies of the life model
      • discuss historical and contemporary artworks of the human body
      • develop your own ideas and artwork

Autumn Workshop: The Surface of You

  • Bits of bones
  • Sense of connection
  • Minutae of muscles
  • Surface in depth

Spring Workshop: The Depth of You

  • Light touches
  • Sectioning space
  • Becoming a composer
  • End of the beginning

Who are these workshops for?

This course is suitable for students of all levels of experience. It is primarily dedicated to drawing, but can accommodate those working in other media.


What to bring:

      • a3 Sketchbook
      • HB,2B,4B,6B pencils
      • kneadable eraser


Feel free to bring any other media that you would like to work with. For any further information contact us at

(Unless stated otherwise, fees for adults classes exclude materials)

Additional information

Term Enrolment

1 Term (10 Classes), 4 Terms (40 Classes)

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