This broad, exploratory class will delve into the theme of “Origins” through exciting activities and projects. They’ll explore the origins of things like nature, stories, and cultures, through the use different art materials and techniques. Get ready for a creative journey that sparks imagination, curiosity, and a deeper connection to the world around us!
In this course:
      • connect with community
      • gain technical skills
      • improve observational skills
      • learn about art, history, nature, and culture
      • elevate creativity

Term 1: Personal origins

  • Reimagining familiar objects
  • Drawing portraits of family member or self
  • Surrealist collage or mixed-media artworks exploring the subconscious
  • Personalised artworks exploring personal origins theme

Term 2: Natural beginnings

  • Sketch natural specimens
  • Study evolutionary features of animals
  • Experiment with natural materials
  • Personalised artworks exploring natural beginnings theme

Term 3: Origins of Art

  • Exploring the elements
  • Painting through principles
  • Get classical
  • Get modern

Term 4: Cultural Origins

  • Eastern inspirations
  • Out of Africa
  • Indigenous symbolic languages
  • Personalised artworks exploring individuals cultural origins

Final Showcase: Students will exhibit their work for parents, friends, and the community.

Who are these classes for?

This course is suitable for adults with any level of experience.


What to bring:

      • a3 Sketchbook
      • HB,2B,4B,6B pencils
      • kneadable eraser


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