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After school art – Ages 5-7yrs

In this fun art course, youths will delve into the theme of “Origins” through exciting activities and projects. They’ll explore the origins of things like nature, stories, and cultures, through the use different art materials and techniques. Get ready for a creative journey that sparks imagination, curiosity, and a deeper connection to the world around us!
In this course:
      • make friends
      • gain technical skills
      • improve observational skills
      • learn about history, nature, and culture
      • elevate creativity
      • partake in creative collaborations

Term 1: Personal origins

  • Drawing favourite objects
  • Loved one drawing
  • Collage or mixed-media mood boards
  • Illustrate stories from home

Term 2: Natural beginnings

  • Sketch natural specimens
  • Study evolutionary features of animals
  • Experiment with natural materials
  • Painting garden harvest

Term 3: Origins of Art

  • Paint like a caveman
  • Walk like an Egyptian
  • Classical creatures
  • Modern pets

Term 4: Cultural Origins

  • Illustrate mythology and folklore
  • Cultural collage shapes and patterns
  • Design mythological creatures
  • Paintings from The East

Final Showcase: Students will exhibit their work for parents, friends, and the community.

Who are these classes for?

This course is suitable for students of all levels of experience.


What to bring:

      • a3 Sketchbook
      • HB,2B,4B,6B pencils
      • kneadable eraser


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Term Enrolment

Term 1, 2024, Term 2, 2024, Term 3, 2024, Term 4, 2024, Annual, 2024

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